Micro Learning Entrepreneurship
for Athletes

Unlocking the educational potential for athletes. Promoting education in and through sport with a special focus on skills development.

MLEA project will address a glaring gap in the field of entrepreneurial education for athletes in partners’ countries and the EU level in general.

Solo rowing sport

The MLEA project’s main focus is to promote education in and through sport and to support the implementation of the EU Guidelines on Dual Careers of Athletes.

The on-demand property is very important to the project since it fits easier into the athletes’ busy schedules, let them take control of their learning and enables quality learning during specific suspension of in-class educational methods.

Athletic runner

MLEA project is developing a tailor-made, modular curriculum on entrepreneurship for athletes and former athletes. All the curriculum’s modules will be delivered by academic experts and recorded. Educational material will follow the micro-learning approach to help athletes make most of their time and achieve their educational goals. MLEA will integrate gamification elements to increase athlete’s engagement and will enable online microlearning on-demand by offering bite-sized, small learning units with the necessary amount of information to help athletes achieve their goals.

The project is extremely important for all professional athletes and focuses on the development of their Dual Careers and time management.


MLEA Main Deliverables, Intellectual Outputs:

New tailor-made, modular curriculum on entrepreneurship for athletes and former athletes
Recorded online educational micro-learning course on entrepreneurship
Developed and ready to use MLEA learning space/website